Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grafton Street Blues

I stood here for a while to get some people in the shot but passers by took one look and fled with head down. It was one of these days. Smiles were in short supply. Eventually this walking man obliged and the shot was made. This corner has always been a little sad in my opinion. In fact, it has the blues and it knows it has the blues. Just a corner of the city that should somehow be jollier but somehow fails to make itself fun. The space, I feel, does not recognise its potential for playfulness. It is traversed of course by many - mostly on their way from somwhere else to another place. The visual demarcation of paving and street furniture aims to set up some kind of spatial dynamic, but is ultimately inauspicious. What quest is there for pleasure and what would it look like or feel like if the quest was fulfilled and pleasure was taken? What gestures predominate in the space here? Would it be the gesture of the worker clutching his cup of coffee in its plastic container or the gait of the hooded youngster? The clutching of the coffee by the hand brings to mind the sense of touch and the power of the hand to explore the world - not only to grasp but to feel, caress, lift explore and so on ... and for the legs, walking, kicking etc. In the street, this articulation is a kind of communication. What are our two subjects saying to Grafton Street. and conversely what is Grafton Street saying to them?