Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Ladder Guys

This is very much a snapshot, spur of the moment capture. No time to do anything but fire the shutter. It somehow looked a lot nicer in monochrome, perhaps because the colour took away from the overall structure of the men on the ladder. The ladder hasn't changed its structure in millenia, has it? Always the symbol of ascension (or descension) and in this case of course it's to carry out necessary decoration and repairs. The earthly state is the point at which we leave and as we ascend, it makes things much easier if we cast away things we don't need. It makes the journey upwards easier. The men have to take a few tools but not too many since a ladder is a means of access and not a working platform. The double ladder as pictured here, is a very ancient symbol indeed. It often represents justice because the ascent and descent are evenly matched. In life, as with investments, things can go down as well as up. Psychoanalysts are fascinated with dreams of ladders and of course the feeling tone of the dream is important because there can be a sense either of elation or anxiety. The Greek for ladder is klimax and that immediately brings to mind, the sexual nature of ladders - in that they raise up rung by rung. Psychoanalysts would therefore be very interested in dreams of the fireman's ladder, extending and ascending towards the building. But as Freudians often point out, sometimes a ladder is just a ladder!