Monday, May 17, 2010


I had this picture on file for a while. It's the same set as the signal sequence add the big yellow lorry. A good day for photographs as you can see. I called it sightline because it occurred to me that although the two men are in front of the taxi, that is only according to where I as the observer am standing! I am standing here - but where's "here"? Maybe it's me that is in front of the two men and the taxi. What kind of intentionality are going on here? The man intends to drink the coffee - or is it a sign of something else, a proclamation that he is a coffee drinker? The technician is immersed in the act of being a technician. The taxi driver is perhaps looking for a customer. The photographer is lost in a sea of stimuli, but there's some kind of dynamic of intention. He is waiting for something to "make the picture". Yet it's a little unclear what that would be. He feels he will know when it occurs. He is seeking authenticity, yet he is in charge of the construction of the picture. What he arrived at was no more authentic than the same scene shot from across the road on the other side of the taxi. Just a two hundred and fiftieth of a second's worth of one individual's sightline.