Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still Light

Now the reason for the photo should be obvious. I was so delighted I fished out the telephoto lens and recorded this repair for posterity. It doesn't appear to affect the functioning of the light much. Probably the plastic wrap-around does a half reasonable job of protecting the inside of the pole. The sky was this colour, no polarising necessary and there's something very pretty about the way the sunlight hits the branches. And indeed, the way the light hits the light! This kind of sky has little relief to it and it appears very flat even though the blue is a beautiful hue. In the night, the street light, should it continue to work, will illuminate the street with a restricted pool of light that grades off until the light shed by the next one. The street will become a shadow-filled space. Yet the object-as-streetlight itself is a kind of tombstone is it not? It exists somewhere between the light and the dark and so disappears from conscious sight. This is a very deceptive world. The street light belongs to a world of city planning and so dissolves into nothing very much. Until it goes out.