Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stuff on the Ground

You can't just leave a hole in the ground and expect to come back and find it the way it was. Things change. The damaged access hole has gathered a myriad of discarded objects. It's colourful in it's way, this cheerful detritus. Stephen King would certainly have described it as "happy-crappy", should it have featured in one of his novels. The gravel from driveways is carried around by vehicle wheels and is everywhere. There are cigarette butts, which somehow don't count as litter. Then the sweet packets. Sorry Stephen King - I guess that would be candy wrappers. The Bauhaus school was given to such shapes and as a philosophy Bauhaus was far-reaching in its recognised abstractions of modern living as social praxis. It is time to speak of Bruno Zevi who spoke for organic architecture (1943) . Perhaps the geometrical space really is animated by the gestures and actions of the living beings that inhabit it. At the very least, this challenges the triumph of visual abstraction in the city, where developments assault the senses.