Monday, May 31, 2010

Trashcan Voleur

Ostensibly part of the voleur project, I caught this group in the Royal Hibernian arcade off Dawson Street. It's a for-preference route through to Grafton Street and there are some quite good shops that lie at the back. We pop briefly into the Underworld and out into the light. So, night and day, dark and light merge here - and we are in and out in a minute (unless we choose to linger at newsagent or cafe). This brings to mind what Jung called the shadow or Buddhists call Ignorance. The shadow is a sophisticated concept - but plainly enough, it is the dark enemy within, which will constantly control you until it is vanquished through integration and transformation. It is in doubt though whether it can be truly vanquished. Vanquishing is the stuff of dragons and as such is pretty much a metaphor. One thing is for sure. We had very well better acknowledge that we have a shadow. The MPs expenses scandal shows us that if you don't find your shadow it will come and find you. We often praise organisations that do good. But they too have shadow - a very, very big one because it it goes unacknowledged. The Church in Ireland has recently fallen into this category with child scandals. So at an individual and collective level, there is always both good and bad, but acknowledging the bad is absolutely vital.