Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trunk Call - long distance information

Raglan Road is always a great source of photographs. I am unsure why, since it looks like many of the other roads in the Elgin estate. Today, I noticed the demise of a reasonably large tree. It's always a bit sad, simply because they are usually fairly old and have "seen" a lot of time pass by in the locality. This one is what - maybe fifty years old? Not long for a good-going tree. But enough to make it a significant loss. Perhaps it had some problem, although the tree stump looks nice and clean. And the sawdust is extremely fresh so it must have been a recent operation. Today it made me think of Bety Bety CariƱo. Cut down by a paramilitary gang in Mexico, her only crime was to fight for human rights and a better life for poor people. In many parts of the world, human rights are seen as dangerous. Literacy work can be particularly dangerous because of course if you can read and write, you are in a better position to tell what is right and wrong. Learn your a,b,c said Brecht. We tend to take literacy for granted but in a different context, it could make you vulnerable indeed.