Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Electric Blossomer

I liked the juxtaposition of the electricity warning and the blooms. I haven't used the wide angle lens as much as I might have this year, but I set it to a very wide 10mm (you have to watch you're not in the picture!) and pointed it upwards for drama and excitement. The ubiquitous warning for electricity is invariably yellow, isn't it? I have always liked the lightning symbol and here it is both sign and symbol. Powerful, fast and deadly, it comes from heaven to destroy us (or sometimes heal us!). For the most part, lightning is a symbol of fertility and here we seem to have some evidence as the blossoms cluster around the pole. It is often a symbol of the intellect as in Zeus and his thunderbolts, but it is also a sudden intuitive flash. In the myth of the Titans, it is nothing more than unbridled, uncontrollable desire. It is invariably destructive in some fashion and yet under control it is a useful spark that may provide life to a cooking fire, triggering the release of useful energy. Would Mary Shelley's Frankenstein agree as to its usefulness in re-animation? And is the jury still out on the question of ECT? I realise I haven't mentioned the symbolic associations to blossoms, so lets end in a more upbeat fashion with purity and good luck!