Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garden of Delight

There's been too much monochrome in the blogs recently and so I thought this rather nice display from the garden at the Radisson Hotel, Stillorgan would shift the mood. There are many gardens in symbolism, religion and in literature. From the Garden of Eden to the Perfumed Garden they are prolific. But somehow they always carry some deeper message rather than a mere paradise on earth. "We are nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth" argues poet, Dorothy Gurney. Amateur gardeners seem to have very pleasant time and are relaxed at their garden efforts. But it's all too easy then, to be unable to relax within their own creation without continually getting up to weed this area or that. Gardening is a never-ending process in the cycle of death and rebirth. So probably it's easier to relax in someone else's garden, which comes without obligation. This particular garden is resplendent with pleasant hedge designs, where children can play happily and be more or less in the view of their parents. Recommended for a bar lunch in the summer!