Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, the bag caught my eye because it was bright orange but I am in a monochrome phase. And the image is flipped - it was taken from the other side with the "G" upside down. hen the colour was stripped out and a filter applied, the orange took on a very "reflecty" look. I liked it so we are in black and white territory again. The rule in photography is that monochrome is about structure and colour about content. More or less! It is very much a throw away society - even if the plastic bag levy has reduced the amount of plastic that used to float around. This bag was of paper, so it was never going to last long anyway. Eventually the colour would have gone just as it has in the image. The bag would have disintegrated with weathering and washed away. So how do we deal with impermanence? Acceptance of impermanence, uncertainty and chaos is part of the Buddhist meditation structure. But that doesn't mean we need resist change, because change involves disposing of old ways and thinking - and that in turn means loss of some sort. There is no passivity about psychotherapy. Acceptance of impermanence may very well entail active change and new ways - and that is part of the Buddha nature. As for the bag itself, I recall with affection my experiential group-work leader. She had the habit of lifting her handbag to signal the end of the two hour session and this was commented on on by one of our number. She raised an eyebrow and said ""The old bag, then?" That was object relations.