Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Metal Boxes

There is some kind of mystery about old tins that have have somehow hung on through the years. This one has been around in the family for at least forty years and has held a variety of objects from needles and thread to buttons and latterly lapel pins. In fact, Parkinson's is still in existence and continues to make butterscotch, the likely original contents of the tin. The company demised but started up again recently when in 2003, the wife of a local businessman found one of these tins in the cellar. Literally taking a shine to the tin she found the original butterscotch recipe inside! So goes the story anyway. The butterscotch with its famous tin was first made to commemorate the St Leger horse race and I believe this is one of these St Leger tins. We do keep containers long after their original function has disappeared. The butterscotch sweets have long gone, but the container continues to give some pleasure. Psychologically we are ourselves containers of a sort, full of objects and part objects of many various types. Going into therapy is away of sorting our own boxes and the objects therein. And liked or disliked, we can't get rid of these objects, but we can begin to regard them in a different way.