Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pembroke Lane Blues

It's always interesting to walk down one of the Lanes rather than go on the main road. Once these would be coach houses for the servants of the wealthy but now they have been much modified. Nothing is quite straight is it? I did try with the special Photoshop filter but nothing worked. On revisiting the lane itself, I discovered that, in reality, nothing much was straight in that neck of the woods. You can go very wrong navigating the lanes, but police and thieves alike know their way around the back straights. We use straight in many ways - a proper sort of person (perhaps exaggeratedly so) or perhaps on requesting a drink that is undiluted or mixed with another one. As far as this image of the Lane is concerned (or any other), there was no chance for a straight image there. I have to be content that it's never, never going to be straight. Sometimes, when a client is uncomfortable with a certain aspect of his or her life, they may respond well to the question "What would it be like to be OK with that?" If someone can live with the picture on the wall that is crooked, then they may be able to settle and be comfortable with its unstraightness. In order to do that, of course, one would have to be straight with oneself. And that is perhaps one of the outstanding merits of psychotherapy. The analysand, through talk, comes to terms with certain aspects of their life. It's an opportunity to be straight with the self.