Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I couldn't resist the spot of water on the leaf of the alpine plant. I tried various lens then cropped heavily. I am reminded that this is a bit like taking a photograph of food - or glasses of any kind of liquid. It is not as easy as it looks and trial and error is required. That is why it is a whole photographic specialisation. It took much filtration to get the water bead as I wanted it. Water, as Gaston Bachelard is inclined to point out in his excellent work "Water in Dreams", is rightly acknowledged as one of the most important symbols of all. It is an element of course and although Bachelard is much (perhaps overly) concerned with deep inland water, I like these beads that form on surfaces. Literally, a tension is formed. To taste this water is not to taste the insipid water that comes from the ubiquitous plastic bottles, carried as some kind of sign by many city dwellers. That is about a related issue - for water is the symbol of both purity and the maternal principle and highly "valorised" as a substance of good. No amount of water can wash away sin, as Shakespeare continuously demonstrates. So of you dream of water, consider if it is fresh or polluted, from the sea or river, from the height of the sky as rain or spring water from the depths. Is it contained as the lake, rock pool or "aquatic centre". Does it run quickly like a fast flowing river? Or is it a bead a water glistening on a leaf? Whatever the location, water is about the unconscious and the soul.