Monday, June 14, 2010

Street Scene, Donnybrook

What is happening in the psychoanalysis of space? This interchange took place briefly near Donnybrook Fair and was quite charming to witness. Somehow time stopped for a moment - or did it? For the two people meeting, time was subsumed in the space. They lived time but did they see time? The surfeit of public clocks in this street and in Dublin as a whole, indicate and even record time, yet we have no real (inclusive) sense of time except when we are working of course. Then time is upon our heads and when the end of the day is reached, we dump time like so much debris. At that point it is rubbish, a contaminant to be jettisoned and put in "landfill" - filling a space far away from us. After I took this photograph, what trace of time remained in the space and the things within the space? This form of social space - our two subjects meeting - is about encounter. The rest of the things in the space are just so much stuff. When two people meet in psychoanalytic space, it is about the encounter not about the building, the room or the decor - although they may have their influence. The conjunction of the two people in the photograph is about encounter and meeting and not about streets, signs and lorries.