Friday, June 11, 2010

We Us

I think this is an example of art objet trouvé or "found art" in the literal sense in that is it hasn't been much modified. don't know what the tatters of paper really said or whether it was "we us" or "we use". I can only see "we us". it is ready made as one of my favourites Andre Breton defined it. A "manufactured object raised to the dignity of works of art through the choice of the artist." It sounds a little pompous maybe, but you get my drift, I'm sure! Yet the question remain outside the image. Who made the poster and stuck it on this box in the street? And what is the poster about? You can make up a story, something I regularly ask clients to do. There is certainly something a bit poignant about the poster's remaining tatters. The surface looks almost marbled yet it's just a telephone junction box at the corner of the street. Perhaps we could argue that all photography is found art and as such is a polemic of materialism, as argued by critics. We should abandon it and return to painting. Yet all is artifice and although painting offers more plasticity it tends to be just as materialist as the times. Maybe we should regard both painting and photography as transitional, in the sense that the camera or brush are transitional objects connecting us to something important within ourselves.