Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bray from the Big Wheel

Another shot from the big wheel at the Bray Summer Festival. I'm glad I just got the train in the corner of the shot. I wonder what its like living next to the railway, with the noise and the station announcements. Is it so rhythmical that eventually house dwellers no longer hear the rumbling and clacking of the trains on their way to Dublin or Wicklow? In towns, with buildings close together, things look mechanical. The long lens has squashed the houses together, but they are in reality squashed together. In what manner does this town organise its space? Does it orient towards the sea or away from it? How does it include its seafront and its main street? When visiting Bray, you can experience the movement of residents down the hills towards the seafront, whereas visitors invariably arrive from the side. The main shopping street is parallel to but distant from the seafront with residential areas in between. It would be nice to envisage a Bray organised more pleasantly around its natural features - sea, river and hill. What would that look like, I wonder?