Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eek a Mouse!

Bray Summer Festival usually has this particular ride at its fairground. I know because I have ridden on this one and I can assure you that it is not as cosy as it looks. It ambles around for while and then throws you through a series of loops that take you by surprise. If you're going in the afternoon, a light lunch is recommended! In the title, Eek a Mouse is the name of a rather interesting reggae singer from a few years back and perhaps his uncompromising delivery would be quite suited to the aftermath of this kind of ride. Mice share the symbolism of rats and in Freudian terms, they rummage in the bowels of the earth and have anal connotations of wealth and money. We shall go no further, since this mouse is looking to the heavens rather than the deeper recesses of the earth. Nevertheless, it is a symbol of agrarian tradition as exemplified in the Robert Burns poem To a Mouse. Having disturbed a field mouse with his plough, he lamented its predicament and compared it with the hopes and fears of humans. Indeed, in both Greek and Indian mythology, the mouse might represent the healing powers of the earth.