Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Helping Hand

We all need a helping hand sometimes but in a motorbike race it is critical. There are various rules and regulations about assistance, but roughly, if you stall on the start grid and there is time, then a marshall can help you get started again. If it's after the red start lights have gone out, no can do! The hand is an important symbol and here it is definitely the transfer of energy that counts. It's equivalent to the "laying on of hands", through which transformation occurs by means of an outside force. One of the chief aspects of the hand is its ability to promote action, as in the photograph. The race itself falls into the category of "games". In the game, the individual has to find the inner resources to struggle not only against the other competitors, but with his or her own doubts, fears and perceived weakness. The race also takes place within a container, so competitors are free to battle within a structure of rules. So the race involves a complex network of symbols - all grist to the mill of the psychoanalyst!