Thursday, July 1, 2010

In the fence

This picture is a little contrasty for my liking and the digital technology didn't handle it as well as I would have liked - I shirked working with Photoshop too. But I liked the figure caught in the fence and that was a bit of luck - or was it? I did take several shots and eventually someone fitted in the loop. The sun had made everything very bright - almost bleached - outside the shade of the trees. What of the fence though? We use "fence" a great deal - being on or off the fence is about which side we are on. And if we feel constricted, we feel fenced in. Don't fence me in is an old country and western song I believe. Clients often use this expression to convey feelings of restriction or constriction - I am feeling fenced in. I can't move. I can't get anywhere would be typical. Sometimes its useful to go to the opposite. How would it feel not to be fenced in? What would that be like do you think? How would it be for you?. Sometimes there can be an unexpected response. Instead of a feeling of freedom, people confess to predicting they might feel insecure. There is a feeling of certainty with the familiar world, perhaps because there is a kind of fence around it. There are two sides to a fence and maybe - just maybe - things on the other side are unfamiliar and scary. By the counsel of Zeus, the Titan gods lived behind a bronze fence, with three gates placed there by Poseidon. Inside the fence is a scary place where we might meet Hades, Persephone, not forgetting the Hounds of Hell. That's inside. The point is, sometimes we don't like to leave a scary place because we think there is even scarier one outside.