Thursday, July 1, 2010

Movers and Shakers

I spotted this truck in the Lanes and liked the reflections. If you dream of trucks and lorries it definitely depends on whether you are in one or behind one. Such a truck might represent change in your life, not necessarily emigration. I wondered whether the truck and its cargo were arriving or departing. But the Lanes see quite a lot of change and residents seem to come and go. If you find in a dream that you are behind the wheel of such a vehicle consider how much personal cargo you are living with. Does any of it need recycling? When people move house, normally this involves some culling of personal possessions - and although nothing leaves the psyche it may be that things can be sorted through. We are then in a better position to move forward. Nothing more than that - no complexity, just moving on with one's life. As I said in the previous blog that might appear scary.