Monday, July 12, 2010

On Bray Beach

Going to the beach is an archetypal kind of activity. It involves relaxation and immersion, which can always be seen as going back to the womb . The beach at Bray is a combination of shingle and sand and getting to the water in bare feet can be an awkward business even if immersion in the water is rewarding. Immersion is a kind of withdrawal, so those bathers who brave the oft- cold sea that washes Bray beach could be said to be enacting a strange and ancient ritual. I took this shot from the big wheel at the funfair, which gives the image a distinctive look. I hung onto the pod's central post to steady the camera (and myself) and the lens was at its full extent. But there was no need for special concern because it was such a bright day that a good shutter speed and depth of field were available to me. No camera shake involved, I hope. When I saw the group through the viewfinder, I liked the way the people were assembled and all seemed to be doing something different. And the group was certainly prepared for its trip by the looks of things!