Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Solitary Hut on Bray Beach

Well of course this took my eye. And of course it reminded me of one of these shots from a student photography manual. There is always at least one shot like this in such a book! I gave this one a special filter to bring up the pebbly beach so that it looked contrasty and gritty. Do I detect that a sharp eyed youngster spotted me even up in the big wheel. Goodness! The hut is a powerful symbol and I think a hut should always be roughly this size. Otherwise it gets "housey". There should always be soomething solitary about any hut, whether on a beach, an allotment or in the woods. As far as the occupant is concerned, he keeps a lonely vigil, Bachelard would say, before God. And therefore he would argue that the coccupant is not so solitary. On the beach, we are seldom solitary, even in winter. There are always strollers, dog walkers, modern day beachcombers and the like - and in the summer, pleasure seekers arrive to take what gratifications are to be had. This hut cannot be much of a refuge, yet it offers some kind of intimacy.