Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Weather

Sometimes the weather isn't all that we would like. The rain streaks down the windows and we sit inside protected but annoyed that we can't do what we want outside. Buddhists often say that every day is a good day but that might be of little consolation if we have an outdoor activity planned. If I can paraphrase Emerson, the rain can be like a bad preacher, because it doesn't know when to leave off! While I was waiting for the rain to abate slightly, this shot presented itself. It was strictly "point and shoot" and the resulting exposure seemed all right. The light outside was fairly diffuse so the reflectance was perfect for the automatic setting. Certainly Gaston Bachelard would be happy, because the experience of weather in the city is different from the country. Here, the house withstands the weather in a human way, bracing itself against the rain. It confronts the weather! And for we humans, we can do nothing else than to resist the weather as does the house. As Bachelard says, we are inhabitants of the world and we have no option but to inhabit. So this is not merely about "being", but also about the energy of resistance.