Monday, August 30, 2010

Change always means Loss

I had been sizing this up for a shot for some time. When I finally got organised, I found that there were too many telephone cables in the way for what I had intended. So I went a little closer. The house chimney would be that of an old railway cottage, in all likelihood, now owned by a rather more affluent citizen. The building behind is probably part of a complex that houses insurance companies and the like. There is always change in the city and, as I am fond of pointing out, change always means loss of some kind. There is no way of avoiding this kind of change because buildings, with some notable exceptions, don't last that long .The newer building isn't that new - because it's design has merely a little of the current obsession with weightlessness. Medieval architecture had some of the same concerns so nothing is completely new!. But this scene can still surprise me even if I pass it every day. The contrast grabs the atttention.