Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Earth Moving Model no. 8265

Children's projects are much too much fun to be left to children alone. This is one of the larger Lego kits and there are many pieces - so when it was finally constructed, I felt compelled to make a photographic record. There are electric remote control motors available for this one and I am assured that it can make many movements. Because it is a complex structure, there are a mass of symbols associated with the construction of the model (I hesitate to call it a toy) because building such an object is modelled on real life processes - cognition, manual dexterity, hand- eye coordination and planning for example. And of course since this will be a likely purchase by or for older children, cooperation between siblings or parents and children may be vital! A lot of energy is needed for completion of the task and of course, the "wholeness" of the model is predetermined. There are plans and schematics - but sometimes there is a need to be inventive, especially if bits get lost. Pieces are perfectly sized for escaping and ending up in the vacuum cleaner. So that brings me to the last and most difficult of skills to be learned in building this superb model - care!