Monday, August 16, 2010

The Hole Underneath

These days, most of us don't know what under the car looks like. How many car owners do their own repairs? This car has seen good service but continues to run - it's just that now and then old age takes over and it needs urgent attention. Due to the hole in the exhaust, the car sounded like it was racing round Mondello Park, but such a hole causes a loss in power. What is symbolic about a hole you might ask? Well, holes are symbolically very funky indeed. They represent a mysterious threshold to something that is hidden. New ideas might seem to come from some hole or other (rather than the void) and are literally pregnant with potential. They can represent fertility at one level and transcendence at another. No one is quite certain what happens in a black hole, and so it is very mysterious indeed! But for the automobile, the hole lets the unused combustion gases escape but will also change the pressure in the pipe, leading to less than optimal performance. I was thinking of this in an object relations kind of way. Sometimes we need to vent off some kind of combustion gas in our system and if we haven't a safe way of doing it, stress may result. So maybe the psychoanalytic space provides us with a safe container in which to vent feelings. Rather than coming to social grief at work or in the family, (the equivalent of the hole in the exhaust), feelings are channeled in an optimal state. And rather than unanticipated leaks leading to a loss in power, the psychodynamic state of the individual becomes balanced.