Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hotel de Luxe

Just for the record, this is a hotel that has been modeled from what used to be the Theatre De Luxe in Camden Street, Dublin. It has been many things over the years but you might remember it from the popular Alan Parker film, The Commitments. It set me thinking - not about hotels, hostelries and inns, but about journeys. If we journey we inevitably end up in a hotel of some sort at some stage. Can there be anything more welcoming when journeying on a dark and windy night, than the sight of one's lodgings? Jung reckons that journeys are purging some dissatisfaction and seeking the lost mother inside. There are those who argue the opposite is the case - it is about getting away from mother! Probably Jung is right. Baudelaire feels that there are those who set out, just for the sake of setting out. Unsatisfied, they seek an unknown something, whilst running away from something in themselves. Certainly, running away means you have to take yourself with you. So running from the self is futile. Even if there is a nice hotel room waiting.