Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the Bottles

This is down the side alley at the Baggot Inn on Lower Baggot Street - nearly at St Stephen's Green. Why was I there, in that lonely alley way? Well, it was Bank Holiday Monday and I had set off for the centre with the camera bag. I wanted to try a shot at the front door of the Baggot Inn and somehow the alley beckoned with its myriad of bottles. The wide angle lens then made mincemeat of the crates and the colour! Bottles hold all manner of stuff. Alcohol, elixirs or energy drinks, they all contain a secret of some kind - or something to be revealed. Even for the ubiquitous Coca Cola or Sprite, what is the secret ingredient contained therein? And sometimes of course, bottles hold genies or spirits to be unleashed when you uncork the vessel. Truth to tell, I do still dream of Jeannie from that old sitcom. Bottles have been around for a while and the first is said to date from around 1500BC., but the symbolism is clear. Bottles are vessels that carry secret knowledge and like the Ark, bring peace and salvation. Message in a bottle?