Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peace and Fruitfulness

The basil was plentiful and something had to be done! It was of a delicate type which grows a large leaf and has a strong aniseed flavour, so the decision was made that it should be placed in oil to make a pleasant flavour. No mystery about this - merely wash and dry the leaves and place in a bottle of oil. The Berio Oil is a good enough commercial olive oil, but importantly, it may be obtained in a half bottle size - ideal for such a venture. The result was a huge success and was all the more pleasurable since the basil was home grown. Olive oil is highly regarded throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East since it gives both food and light - and it is therefore symbol of both. Oiling the plough shares before cutting the first furrow was once common. Furthermore, it is of course a divine blessing to anoint with oil. The Shinto believe oil to be elemental and it features in Alchemy too, where it is regarded as cleansing and protective. Apparently in some tribes, men drink it to increase their procreation powers! I can assure all that merely drizzled on a piece of bread, it is just delicious.