Friday, August 6, 2010


This photograph was taken using much the same technique as described in the previous blog. This time I put the camera on the ground and tilted it up. The image isn't cropped - it's pretty much as it was, apart from being in black and white! I'm not sure what the containers were designed to contain - although they are near the old fish shop in Baggot Street that closed recently, alas. Boxes, like bottles are secret and enclosing and a box is said to represent the unconscious with all its potential for good or bad. That is why Pandora's Box is such a nice story. Against the instructions of Zeus, Pandora opens the box. The contents are scattered and various ills are unleashed upon the world. One thing - Hope - remains protected at the bottom of the box. In folk tales, boxes often come in three - a bit like the stacks in the photograph. The first two are fortunate and the third is unfortunate. To open a box is always to take a risk but there lies Hope. So which stack would you choose?