Thursday, August 5, 2010

Up there

When I saw the opportunity I drew back a little because I wondered what the painter would make of it if he saw me. But he was much too occupied with his task. The techniques here is to use the wide angle lens and selecting a suitable aperture so that there focus all the way through the picture. The camera is held away from the body, not using the viewfinder (the photographer knows whats going to be in the shot already!). A pleasing result shows the feet of the painter. Now the foot is a symbol worth talking about because we tend to talk about keeping feet on the ground, a kind of mantra that can get irritating if used to excess. He is "very down to earth" we might say. I am not sure it's always a compliment. But it does leave its mark, the foot. And for the most part, where we walk is of our own free will. Some argue that the path leaves its mark on the foot, which might be more the case than the other way around. Our feet, standing in for the soul in my formulation, bear the marks that correspond to the path which we ourselves chose. In Blake's hymn, Jerusalem, we sing ".. and did these feet in ancient times".