Friday, August 20, 2010

Water Table

I gave the picture this name because it reminded me of a map of some kind. The brown is the colour of a pub table outside the Waterloo in Baggot Street, but there I go again - breaking that rule about explaining the picture! It looks like a kind of a map and that is very much that. The weather has been typical of the place - rain and sunshine on the same day and sometimes at the same time. There's no one to complain to about the weather fortunately, or there would be mayhem. The table reminds us of the Round Table and communal eating. The Round Table of the Knights of the Grail is a kind of spiritual centre as is the table around which the 12 apostles met. There is no status around this kind of table - or any other kind it could be argued. So the next time you perch at a small table outside the pub, perhaps in drier weather, consider the role of the table in bringing people together. In a real water table, water would be locked up underground and that's where much of the earth's potable water is stored. That kind of table isn't flat and might correspond with the contours of the land. But without it, we would most certainly suffer!