Monday, August 2, 2010

Watering Drama

The shot was taken when gardening and it was bright sunlight. It's easy enough to get this effect but I liked this image particularly because of the small droplets and the streaks of watery light on the left hand side of the picture. It was perfectly acceptable in colour, but monochrome rendered it dramatic! Water, which we readily take for granted is a potent symbol. But when it is sprayed it is like the rain - life-giving for the most part. It is comical though, when a hose pipe is used in the garden. There's always the chance the water will will be turned playfully on the other, a source of much slapstick comedy! In the summer, many a garden fete is enlivened for the children by the arrival of the fire brigade equipped with high power hoses and good humour. Watering the garden aids plants to live and is always about nature. Psychoanalytically, a spray of water offers maternal resources to the mother earth. There is security too, in fresh water. It seems able to take on as many organic metaphors as we can offer - purity, freshness and youth are happily compatible with liquidity.