Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Donnybrook Corner

It's nice to see old shops hanging on in areas severely affected by poor planning decisions and the recession. Just near here, the Donnybrook village has lost two banks, a video shop, a convenience store, a gym, a pharmacy and the rather well-known Madigans pub. So this remaining establishment - Fox's Grocers - is what we might in older times have called a continental grocer or even delicatessen. It sells otherwise difficult-to-get items, so if you are unenthusiastic about ersatz supermarket pasta, you may find something genuine and indeed more appetising here. Or if you are missing a vital ingredient for a Chinese dish, Fox's is likely to have it in stock. Fruit as a symbol is always about abundance and vegetables (or rather vegetation) usually represents oneness and the inevitable cycle of life. So lets hope this end of Donnybrook can survive the rigours of the economic climes - it usually does.