Thursday, September 16, 2010

For all Seasons

I like the changing of the seasons and no more so that when it is autumn. The transatlantic manner of calling the autumn "the fall" is perfectly appropriate. The seasons are represented in different ways and the hare is popular for the autumn. Sometimes it's a horn of plenty with much fruit. As far as Gods go, it's Dionysus that is assigned to autumn - or maybe autumn is assigned to him? Dionysus was the God of Wine and indeed it is now the wine harvest in Italy. I saw a piece on RAI Uno last night that reminded me that farmers were bringing in the grapes and celebrations were taking place. We hope it's a good year. Today, I saw that Weirs had changed its display and returned that way for a picture. There was a tree to kneel beside and I used the wide angle method - no viewfinder, 10mm lens setting, highish shutter speed (not high enough in fact) , camera low and slightly tilted. Then I waited for a person. This nice woman obliged me and there was only need for one shot. I love the way my subject is striding along the wide pavement that borders the shops. Would I have got a better shot had I waited the entirety of lunchtime? Probably!