Monday, September 13, 2010

Iron in the Soul

This a detail from a Grand Canal lock near Mespil Road and Baggot Street. I wondered how to organise the depth of field but went for this one. I am not quite sure it works. I associate these locks with the nineteenth century but they are much older. They were used in the Song Dynasty in China around 960-1200. It was vital to encourage public confidence in such structures, so a robust appearance was nearly as important as strength. We believe the bolts won't loosen! Iron is associated with durability, hardness and inflexibility - iron in the soul, iron maiden and so on. In many traditions, it regarded as being sacred, possibly because of the inner composition of the planet. But it's not always positive since it can represent the destructive elements of war. Water and iron together is one to think about. But the canal is a channel and a means of transport. So if you dream of canal locks, consider the changes in levels of the land being overcome to allow the barge to use the channel. Are you anticipating some life change that requires special attention?