Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just a Street Scene

What do you feel about the word "just" as in "just a street scene". Just always comes loaded doesn't it? There is no "just" about anything. But I thought this was interesting, although not particularly pretty as a photograph. More a recording of a moment. So no National Geographic award for me. Just a 1/250th of a second smash and grab in this case. But there was so much going on that I wanted to give it some time. Firstly I liked all the different reds. Then I liked the fact that everyone was doing something different: a man on the phone, a woman eating and a mother and baby looking for something. There is mention of keys, an ice cream advertisement on a dustbin - and there is a pretty windmill of the type I favour. Baggot Street, Dublin at lunchtime always, always throws up something interesting. Modern town planning tries to separate all of us - from shops, from traffic and sometimes from each other. I like the old fashioned streets that are a mixture of happenings. But Robert Bresson points to the limits of photography. "Photography is descriptive, neat image confined to description"