Thursday, September 23, 2010

Leaf Pool

I tried many combinations of this shot but in the end I pretty much left it as it was. There were strange combinations of leaves and seed-like things in the pools left in the church car park. I nearly selected a black and white version because there is something a little bit creepy about this image. Is it something to do with decay and organic substances returning to the earth? The seeds certainly looked like some kind of spawn. There was much flare in the lens and I cannot explain why, except that the lens is at 10mm and there must have a lot of light bouncing around. It made a nice effect though, and I rejected all filters that eliminated it. Finally I left it as it was. As far as psychoanalysis is concerned this image is loaded. So what do you make of it? How does it make you feel? The still and temporary waters after heavy rain contain all these things. Vague, layered depth. Fascinating.