Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Proper sort of Canopy

I love the trees at this time of year. You have to look directly up and then it's possible to get the measure of the glorious spread of some of the colourful trees in Ballsbridge. I may have taken a photograph like this before but not with this particular wide angle lens. The plentiful nature of leaves always suggests the lunar - the fruitful and bountiful mother. But Jung always argues for the hermaphroditic tree since a particular tree may feature a phallic thrusting towards the heavens and another the bearing of foliage and fruit. One tree can be male and the other female. I like the intricate spider web of branches and twigs that make up a kind of fabric. The original estate was designed to include a tree canopy arching over the pavement - this kept the pavement cool in summer and provided a protective cover for pedestrians on days like today, when the heavens opened. Over the years, this was disrupted but for the most part there is still a bit of a canopy in place. The canopy itself is a symbol of protection for all those beneath it so the next time you are able to shelter from the rain in such an environment, consider yourself honoured!