Monday, September 20, 2010

Salt and Water

The combination of salt and water is quite appropriate since salt is derived from the evaporation of sea water. It's ambivalent though since its both a purifying agent and also corrosive. Christ's apostles were described by Mathew as the "salt of the earth" and in Christianity, salt is generally positive. The Ancient Romans are said to have sprinkled salt on the cities they had razed, to make the land barren. The Japanese have a very active approach to salt and it is common to see Sumo wrestlers scatter salt in the ring as a purification ritual and a sign that there are rules that should not be broken. In the Japanese household, salt might be scattered throughout, following the departure of a hated guest! Certainly salt also has healing properties since dentists invariably advise rinsing in salt water following an extraction. In the case of my photograph, the salt was going to get wet. Heavy downpours of rain seem to have become the hallmark of September and I am recalling one of the first blogs on this site from two years ago.