Sunday, September 12, 2010

Staple it Together (and call it Bad Weather)

When I was adjusting the photograph, the Jack Johnson song of the title, was playing on the radio. The album is called In between dreams - very applicable to a Jungian, wouldn't you agree? Phone boxes seem to be a thing of the past now that cell phones are in practically in every pocket (even if many don't have any credit on their cards). It's too easy somehow to say everyone has one though. Nonetheless, this phone box is as disused as the closed-down snack bar across the road. And look what happens - small adverts appear in quite a colourful way to decorate these otherwise barren looking spaces. The phone number strips dance in the wind and although they have a provisional look, they say "something is happening". There are many technical things I would have preferred in this picture but the fact is that the street was deserted and I quickly took the opportunity presented by the only person that was coming - otherwise the shot would be somehow partial. Try covering up man who appears to be carried along on a random gust of wind. The wind is a kind of communication although largely bluster. It blows randomly - this way and that. Like many a phone conversation? Yet symbolically the wind is also breath and brings life.