Friday, September 24, 2010

Strictly wide angle

I have been eyeing the pillars for some time, especially the line towards Donnybrook. So today, I set the wide angle at 10mm in full knowledge that the edges would be distorted. The two young women wandered into the frame and I saw my chance. It was good luck that one looked towards me, probably wondering what on earth I was doing. The symbol for today is column, since these street pillars are regarded as columns for our purposes. Here, they make a boundary and are intended to stop cars from parking at the edge of what is quite a wide pavement, but near traffic lights. In the Ibero-Celtic tradition, the Pillars of Herakles were in all likelihood a boundary and did not hold anything up! They were a demarcation of where territory changed. "If you go beyond this boundary, the Gods may not be able to protect you." At this point, yesterday evening's recent Discovery Channel documentary on Hercules can for all purposes (except entertainment), be safely ignored! Herakles supposedly raised the Pillars of Herakles (Hercules) at the end of his North African journey and immediately following his dispatching of various horrible monsters. This was a boundary which was to prevent the ingress of said monsters. It constituted a warning, as indeed our pillars do outside the ATM on the right. Do not park your chariot here!