Thursday, September 2, 2010

True Love Ways

Of course I was drawn to the juxtaposition of the graffito and the cola can. It's a good combination too, because there are many people who, lacking subjectivity, are reassured by familiar sights such as that most recognisable can. I was reminded of two concepts. The first is participation mystique where a person identifies so much with the "object" (usually but not exclusively a person) that they feel a kind of psychic fusion. The other concept is the notion of "normotic", a disorder where feeling "normal" is the defining feature of an individual's life. In the latter case, any other person that falls outside their perception of the normal range can regarded as bad, wicked or even evil. Jung argues for the primacy of the individual and so rejects the true love fusion that some young people feel with their partner. For Jung, that is participation mystique and, since based on projections operating at an usnconscious level, is primitive. Jung's epigone, Maria Von Franz, was nevertheless right to completely reject notions such as true love as of little account. An unconscious love affair with iconic brands can be dangerous for your psychic health - and your pocket.