Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Way down Underground

This is another location which has been on my list. I had a different idea for it but I got tired of waiting for the moment. So this is the straight location with the application of a double infra red filter. The car park proper looks out onto Baggot Street from a gap in the terrace, but over the shops. So out in the lit area, one is across from the terrace on the other side of the road. looking from the entrance, the place itself has a Stygian feel to it. It certainly ain't pretty but what car park is? My father liked to refer to some places as Stygian and I used to wonder what he meant. It is related to the River Styx from Greek mythology (stugein: hate) and is the place where Charon ferried the souls of the dead to the underworld. Ancient Greeks were inclined to swear by it, but I doubt if we are going to swear by a car park! Various other rivers wind around Hades - woe, lamentation, fire and forgetfulness but the Styx goes around Hades nine times. Styx has no single place of its own in Greek mythology, but is mentioned in many other stories - so much so that we are all aware of the name.