Monday, September 6, 2010

Weather, Depression and the Psyche

I think I have mentioned in the past that I set out to find this kind of shot easy. It never works like that. Maybe because I was standing with rain dripping down the back of my neck or perhaps because the bubbles are moving quite quickly with the wind - and they are not going to last long! Today, the rain will not let up and although every day might be a good day, many people find this weather depressing. I just made a picture of the consequences look pretty but certainly a lack of light can affect mood. For Jungians, depression can present an opportunity though, because it regresses and stirs up unconscious material. If the memories that are activated in this process are acknowledged, they can be integrated into consciousness. To do that we have to consciously regress with the depressive tendency. Jung felt that depression often presaged a creative change in a person's life. So this picture is my representation of depression - some kind of dynamic that moves energy around the psyche, taking what it needs, but compensating elsewhere.