Friday, October 22, 2010

Bikes, bikes, bikes and the Dream World

These bikes are a common sight around Dublin these days. What is really interesting though is the process by which they are used and then brought back to a bike station on a lorry. So these bikes are on the back of a lorry, ready to be re-sited. Bicycles are quite common in dreams and this is usually positive because the bicycle is always powered by the individual - it's all about the effort of the rider, since no extra power is involved. The cyclist is independent and uses his or her own efforts. If the bike is out of control and going down a hill, then that might signify something either in the dreamer's life that is out of control or perhaps a part of the psyche is is not truly under control or integrated. I am taking the Jungian view here, that even inanimate objects in dreams signify a fragment of the dreamer's psyche. If the dream concerned the wheel then that is a different matter. The wheel is a universal symbol representing the world, where the hub is at the centre and the spokes radiate out to the edge. The wheel turning around represents renewal. All the parts of the bicycle can be interpreted symbolically, from the handlebars to the luggage rack. In interpreting your dream, try to assess the feeling tone. Was the bicycle ride exhilarating or was there something unsettling? Were you trying to carry a passenger on the bike? Leave no stone unturned when it comes to dream interpretation!