Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bottle Shot

This discarded bottle might have quickly vanished in the days when there was more home brewing and wine-making. I noticed it by some dustbins and shot it just as it was - but from the top. Known as a top-shot in film, this effect is OK if used sparingly. Perhaps I use it more than that! The symbolism of bottles can vary depending on what is in the bottle, rather than its shape. What does the shape matter when the contents are more important? Well, the contents are gone, so we have to rely on the shape. This is a larger than usual vessel, more of a jar or pot. For some cultures, vessels are related to the womb, and are always feminine. And very often they symbolise immortality because they are a sign of plenty. The top shot is also a way of looking at things (and people) and in general this signifies power. If you are looking down on anything, you are in an elevated position. A top shot can easily induce a feeling of discomfort, because of the effect of "overlooking" or carrying out surveillance. So if you have a dream where you are looking down on something, it may be worth thinking about whether you feel superior to the observed person or to something related to the object - in this case what it might have contained.