Friday, October 1, 2010

Chain Gang

These chains wer being used to hoist a marquee framework into place in preparation for tomorrow's match celebrations. Baggot Street was agog because we never see a structure like this in this location. They are usually down at the Lansdowne Hotel which caters for the rugby crowd. It took up the whole pavement so that you could hardly miss it. I thought the chains were interesting and went for a formal shot with angles. In so doing, I sacrificed much of the detail for that structure. Chains are a powerful symbol, all the more so because in some way it's about connecting heaven and earth. But on the more social side, since we are in Baggot Street with the collective, chains symbolise the need for social adaptation. This can be the hardest part of personal development. We need to recognise that our relationships - bonds if you will - are indispensable. Certainly some people appear to feel this part of life as a heavy weight - a burden rather than a joy. Really, it's so much better if bonds are genuinely experienced and accepted. Otherwise these chains can weigh and tie an individual down like the most massive and unwanted anchor.