Monday, October 25, 2010

Dreaming of Pegasus

On such a fine sunny day as it was yesterday, it seems strange to think of Pegasus bringing the rain. The fabulous winged horse (one of my favourite mythological characters) is associated with fecundity, rain and fountains. And wherever his hooves strike earth, a spring appears. He is the bearer of thunderstorms and lightning. He had a bit of a tumultuous history did this particular horse. Born from the decapitated Medusa, he overcame the Chimaera although losing his rider, Bellerophon in the process. But the winged horse is always about creativity, should by any chance you dream of being mounted on Pegasus. Maybe you feel inspired. In this case, the symbolism of wings and the fountains take intellectual precedence over the instincts we normally associate with horses. But with all dream interpretation, also take account of personal associations. For example, as a child, I had a favourite toy which featured a picture of Pegasus. So does the mythological significance of Pegasus outweigh our personal associations with their rich complex of attachments? It is for the dreamer to decide.