Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flags and Brand Loyalty

The display had been up for a while but it drew my attention from the other side of the road. Now I think this is a Guinness promotion for Arthur's Day, which was a success last year. There should be a blog entry! The Irish Party poster is always there at the Lansdowne Hotel, but the triangular display of pennants is recent. Flags, pennants or banners are all symbolically linked and even though this is a commercial promotion, it matters not. The principle is the same. The flag and its insignia protects the organisation. So it can be a nation, lord, general or even a saint for that matter. All these are what Jung calls collectives of one sort or another, since the king, lord or saint stands in for a greater number. In this case it is a corporation - more or less an association of shareholders who have become incorporated. The corporation also attempts to include the consumer of the product under its banner and there, whether we like it or not, is the art. The flag is designed to flutter in the breeze and that is not an accident. Air is associated with movement. Spirit is aroused and moves heavenwards. When customers go out to celebrate Arthur's Day they will be gathering under the flag and insignia, proclaiming some sort of loyalty to the brand.